Cricket World Cup

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Re: Cricket World Cup

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85 all out. Still hungover from World Cup celebrations and the liquid refreshments that followed.
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Re: Cricket World Cup

Post by Shedboy »

Bloody foreigners coming over here and stealing all your wickets.

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Re: Cricket World Cup

Post by Reg »

subsub wrote:
AlcoholBrazil wrote:The World Champions in action at Lords in a one-off test v the Irish who did not even qualify for the World Cup.
How will they adapt from Super Over drama to a 40 hour game

Not quite as many as that; it's only a four-day Test.

If that...
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Re: Cricket World Cup

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In future if there is a tie at the end of a super over ... there will be another super over.

And if there's a tie in that one, who knows? :D
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Re: Cricket World Cup

Post by Basualdo »

Hyper over? Ultra mega over?
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Re: Cricket World Cup

Post by Carlos J »

Basualdo wrote:Hyper over? Ultra mega over?

Hope you've read all from page 23 now, Bas? Truly, fully, only sport can give that drama. And when you win, so much better. :)
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