Danny Baker

TalkSPORT does music?!?
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Lou Grant
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Re: Danny Baker

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Fingers crossed for the 2dans revivial! Perhaps a Leicester team up for Lineker as he moves over to work with Agnew? The acceptable face of racism and foul language according to the BBC. :)
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Re: Danny Baker

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ToRmAtO wrote:
Lou Grant wrote:Conratulations, Torm, you are the 200,000th person to post that.

Thanks :smt023

I spotted that one on the Stormfront site. As for black people, they are a very musical race, aren't they ?
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Re: Danny Baker

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You can only live in the world you know.The rest is just wishful thinking or paranoia.

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Steve Hunt
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Re: Danny Baker

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If Arsenal were playing in my back garden, I would draw the curtains.



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