The energy con

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The energy con

Post by Hillman avenger »

Yes shop around for your energy.
You are a fool if you don't
But if there is real competition, which is supposed to suppress prices, please explain:

1. I am with supplier A and decide to shop around.
2. I find supplier B which looks cheaper.
3. So I contract with supplier B
4. But the energy physically still comes from the same place. And presumably that supplier is happy he makes a profit from doing that.
5. So I have saved some money but I am now in a situation where both B and the actual supplier are making a profit.

What do you think that tells you about margins?
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Re: The energy con

Post by Zambo »

It's a cartel
It should be nationalised.
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Re: The energy con

Post by LaaLaa »

The cheapest energy from another supplier is 49 pounds and a few pence cheaper.
To leave the supplier I'm with I have to pay a £50 "exit fee".
Those two figures are suspiciously similar.
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Re: The energy con

Post by m4rkb »

The greatest con of all is electricity. To complete the circuit, the generator has it back.

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Re: The energy con

Post by AlcoholBrazil »

Zambo wrote:It's a cartel
It should be nationalised.

Could be a ruse to attract Corbyn votes.
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Re: The energy con

Post by JimmyDee »

Once upon a time you got a loyalty discount; now you get a loyalty slap in the face.
That's Life, and everyone treats all of us like cunts. Marvellous!
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